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We are a leading car park marking company that operates across the UK. Our company offers a range of services for car parks in Bassingthorpe, including disabled car parking spaces installation.

A disabled bay is required in any car park to ensure these spaces are accessible to everyone.

This is a dedicated parking bay for those with additional needs and will only be accessible to valid blue badge holders, as indicated by the road markings we can install such as street parking road markings or H bar markings for a blue badge.

Our company offers a whole range of road marking installation services in Bassingthorpe to ensure that your car park is not causing problems for the local community. To make your car park accessible, you need to get road markings installed, and we can help.

If you would like to find out more about the other road marking services we offer in Bassingthorpe don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.

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How Much Will Disabled Bay Markings Cost?

The average cost of car park markings in Bassingthorpe, such as lines and disabled bays, is between £850 and £2,000.

The cost can vary based on your requirements such as if you wanted an off-street parking option that may cost more because of the rules and regulations.

All of the quotes we offer for our services are bespoke to the customer's requirements, and we will install them to suit your specific needs.

Our company provides the most affordable car park marking installation in Bassingthorpe, and we can guarantee that we will not be beaten on price or quality. If you want to work with us, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team today.

With your guidelines, we can offer a bespoke quote for our services.

Benefits of Disabled Bay Markings

Disabled bay markings are important because they provide reserved parking spaces for people with disabilities. These spaces are marked with special symbols and signage to make them easily identifiable and to prevent misuse by drivers who do not have a disability.

Here are some of the benefits of disabled bay markings:

  • Accessibility: Disabled bay markings make it easier for people with disabilities to access public places such as shops, offices, and other buildings. These spaces are usually located close to the entrance, making it easier for people with mobility issues to enter and exit the building.

  • Safety: Disabled bay markings provide a safer environment for people with disabilities, especially those who use mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers. These spaces are designed to be wider than regular parking spaces, allowing enough room for the person to safely enter and exit their vehicle.

  • Convenience: Disabled bay markings provide convenience for people with disabilities and their caregivers. They allow them to park closer to their destination, which can save time and energy.

  • Legal Protection: Disabled bay markings are protected by law and misuse of these spaces can result in fines and penalties. This helps to ensure that these spaces are available for those who truly need them.

Overall, disabled bay markings play a crucial role in creating a more inclusive and accessible society for people with disabilities.

What is the Installation Process for Disabled Bay Markings?

We are dedicated to the regulations that are in place to govern parking bay marking installation and ensure that we follow these every time.

Our Bassingthorpe installation process has been designed specifically to be fast and affordable, as this offers the best results to all our clients.

Our disabled parking bay markings have a drying time of approximately 20 minutes, meaning there is no need to close off block paving or car parks for an extended length of time when we work.

If you are interested in working with us, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to learn more. We will discuss with you the best time and date for installation and aim to meet all needs.

Application of Disabled Markings in Thermoplastic

Our Bassingthorpe blue badge road marking installation is made easy with the use of thermoplastics. Your company can easily apply for a disabled parking space.

This means they can be installed on any surface, from concrete to tarmac, as long as the surface has been prepared.

Prepare the concrete or tarmac for installation by removing any loose debris, as this ensures the marking is going on a flat surface.

Whether we are installing coloured lines to block paving or a blue background to a disabled bay, thermoplastic makes it easy and offers a professional appearance every time.

Disabled Parking Bay Symbol Marking

A disabled parking bay is shown by the installation of a wheelchair symbol on the road, usually with a blue background.

This marking will be installed in parking spaces to indicate where disabled parking is and where those with additional needs can park.

The wheelchair symbol with the blue background will be positioned in the centre of the parking bay to clearly distinguish disabled car parking spaces from any other.

If you need to indicate that there is a disabled bay in your car park in Bassingthorpe, then we can help. We have installed symbols and markings on all kinds of parking spaces across the country and work to make disabled bays accessible to those who need them.

Disabled Parking Bay Marking Regulations

There are strict rules in place for the marking of a disabled parking space in public areas, but this does not always apply to private areas or any off-street parking.

As a leading road marking company in Bassingthorpe, we have experience with all kinds of clients and help with the installation of disabled spaces in any parking bay.

We know what it takes to ensure your car park offers the best to users, including those who require disabled parking spaces, which is why we follow these regulations in our installation:

  • The blue badge parking bay should be 2.4m x 4.8m

  • Disabled spaces require 1.2m of additional space on both sides and the rear

  • A disabled parking bay or H bar markings should be the closest one to the entrance of the building or the pedestrian exit of the parking space

  • A drop kerb should be installed in front of the disabled bay wherever possible, as this makes it more accessible to wheelchair users

  • Spaces need to be clearly and consistently marked to make them easy to identify

Disabled Parking Bay Certifications

Our paint conforms to the following specifications:

BS EN 1790, BS EN 1436, BS EN 1871, AASHTO and FHWA

As long as the surface we are working on conforms to the European standard for road safety markings (BS EN 1436), we can provide a service.

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How Should a Disabled Bay Be Marked?

A disabled parking bay in Bassingthorpe should be marked with yellow lines and a wheelchair marking with a blue background to give a clear indication between this and standard parking spaces.

Knowing the regulations for car park markings is an important part of our job and ensures we can offer the best services in the business. It can sometimes take up to three months to finish the bay all depending on location and weather conditions

Can Disabled Car Parking Spaces Be Different Colours?

There are only two colours that are required in the disabled bay marking, and these are the yellow lines and blue background of the wheelchair marking.

These are used to make a clear indication between standard and disabled car parking bays in Bassingthorpe.

How Big is a Disabled Car Parking Space?

A disabled parking bay is usually installed at 3.6 metres wide, as this allows easy wheelchair access.

The government guidelines indicate that to maximise the space in car parks, bays should be combined in pairs of 2.4 metres wide. These should have a common transfer zone of 1.2 metres minimum.

How Many Disabled Parking Bays Do I Need to Provide?

The services we offer work in accordance with the British Standards Institution, which indicates that all car parks should have at least one disabled parking space for each disabled person you have working at the company.

These guidelines include not only the people in the company but also 5% of the total capacity of visiting motorists to the site, and a further 4% of the spaces should be enlarged to support all needs.

Should a School Have a Disabled Parking Space?

While there is no obligation for schools in the UK to provide parking at all, let alone a disabled parking space, however, one of the many services we offer involves schools, and we understand the regulations of this very well.

If schools are going to provide available parking in Bassingthorpe, it is advised to offer at least one disabled parking bay for a blue badge holder, but this is not compulsory.

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If you are looking for car park marking installation in Bassingthorpe, then you have come to the right place.

We are the leading company for car park markings and offer an affordable service to customers across the UK. We provide all kinds of markings for a car park, including disabled parking marks, to make your area accessible to all.

To request your bespoke quote for our services or to learn more about what we can do, do not hesitate to contact the team today.

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