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Electric vehicle charging bays often mark out electric vehicle charging bays quickly and clearly, letting electric vehicle drivers find their car parking bays faster.

Having electric vehicle bay markings in Whitesides Corner is important for keeping designated EV bays clear. With EV cars becoming far more popular in recent years, the need to keep them charged also increases in demand.

This makes thermoplastic markings like ours really useful since charging spaces are tough to locate due to their low availability for the million electric cars.

This makes our line marking even more important since charging bay line markings are vital for getting EV drivers to electric car charging points if their vehicle is low.

Electric and regular vehicles such as petrol and diesel cars have clear places to refuel, but electric car users can struggle to find their electric charge point before their vehicles run dry.

If you would like to find out more about the other road marking services we offer in Whitesides Corner don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.

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Why Choose Us?

Looking for car charging point line marking ideas? Our team in Whitesides Corner can help design the ideal line marking options for your car park, including specialised electric vehicle EV charging bay markings and vehicle charging point markings.

Our durable and long-lasting car park markings can help distinguish EV bays from normal car park bays and ensure clear and visible markings for the million electric cars on the road.

We offer a range of car park marking options in various colours, designs and styles to suit your needs.

Our EV bay charging markings are made with some of the best materials on the market, ensuring they can withstand the test of time and require minimal maintenance.

Once installed, our reliable bay line markings can last for years with basic upkeep.

Our bespoke car park and road markings are highly customizable, allowing us to create any design you need using the same high-quality line marking materials for electric and regular vehicles.

We can even add company branding or custom designs, such as a simple plug symbol, to signify an electric charging point. This attention to detail can help make it easier for electric car users to find and use the charging points among other car park markings.

Our EV line marking and vehicle charging point markings are designed to be clear, visible, and long-lasting. Get in touch with us to discuss your car charging point line marking ideas today.

Types of Electric Vehicle Bay Markings

Electric parking bay line markings and electric vehicle bays have no official UK government regulations.

However, the electric vehicle parking bays need to be large enough for electric cars to park in their EV charging bay markings.

EV charging bay markings also need to be coloured differently from normal markings to make the EV charging bay markings clear.

This is important since an EV driver will need to use the bay if they want to recharge, and you do not want normal cars blocking it.

Electric Car Charging Markings Cost Whitesides Corner

The average cost of the marking of a single parking bay is around £45.

although this varies heavily based on line marking material as well as various other factors.

The overall cost will also vary based on how large the bays are and how many car park markings you want.

We can provide accurate quotes for our own work to ensure that you get the cheapest (and best) results for each situation.

Benefits of Electric Charging Bay Markings

Electric charging bay markings are important for a number of reasons. Here are some benefits of these markings:

  • Improved Visibility: Having a car park marking make it easier to locate charging stations, especially in large parking lots or garages. This makes it more convenient for drivers of EVs to find charging stations and charge their vehicles.

  • Efficient Use of Space: Charging bay markings help ensure that electric vehicle charging spaces are used only by EVs. This reduces the likelihood of non-EVs occupying these spaces, which can cause inconvenience to electric vehicle drivers.

  • Safety: Properly marked parking bays can help reduce the risk of accidents involving electric vehicle charging stations. The markings can indicate the safe distance that other vehicles should maintain while an electric vehicle is charging, reducing the risk of collisions or other accidents.

  • Compliance: Charging bay markings help ensure that charging stations are installed in accordance with local regulations and standards. This can help ensure that ev charging bays are safe, efficient, and accessible to all electric vehicle drivers.

  • Sustainability: By providing clearly marked charging bays, more EVs can be accommodated in a single location, making it more convenient for drivers to use them. This can encourage more people to switch to EVs instead of petrol and diesel cars, reducing the carbon footprint of transportation and helping to create a more sustainable future.

Car Charging Point Line Marking Ideas

Our bay line markings can come in a range of colours, designs and styles. We want all-electric car charging points we work on to have clear line markings and visible boundaries, making it easier for electric car users to find them among road markings.

Our Whitesides Corner team can help you design the ideal ev charging bays line marking options for your situation and car park area, right down to the colour details and the design of the line marking choices themselves.

Durable and Long Lasting Markings

Our Whitesides Corner EV bay charging markings are durable and last a long time on any common surface material, making them reliable bay line markings for any charge point. Once we get the charging points installed safely, they can last for years with basic maintenance.

We use some of the best materials on the market to ensure that our line-marking efforts are long-lasting.

Thanks to this, every one of our car park and road markings can withstand the test of time, including simple electric charging bay markings.

This means that they need to be refreshed less often and generally require lower maintenance, something that can save a company a lot of money compared to redrawing the line marking each year. This also benefits the drivers by ensuring that their markings are clear and visible in the long term.

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Bespoke Symbols and Markings

We are able to produce bespoke electric vehicle charging points using almost any design you need.

Your electric charging bays can get custom line markings to signify a charge point, setting EV bays aside from normal car park bays.

We can provide a huge range of EV bay markings and electric charging bay markings in Whitesides Corner.

We can even apply company branding, create custom designs (such as a simple plug symbol) or add other custom line markings and EV logos.

Our bespoke car park and road markings are highly customisable, allowing us to create whatever designs you need using the same high-quality line marking materials. Through this, we can guarantee that we give each client exactly what they are looking for with ease.

Who Needs EV Charger Bay Markings?

Electric parking bay markings are used all over the UK, so electric vehicle bay markings are important in many places.

Good electric charging bay markings can keep charging bays clear and visible in any car park, making it easier for drivers of electric cars to park up and charge.

  • Schools & colleges

  • Businesses

  • Local authorities

  • Private landlords

  • New Build Car parks

  • Supermarket Car Parks

  • Public car park

  • Motorway services

  • Petrol stations

  • Dealership forecourts

  • Retail Parks

  • Multi Storey Car Parks 

  • Business Parks

  • Office Blocks 

  • Leisure Centres 

  • Distribution Centres 

  • Airports

  • Car showrooms

  • Hospitals

  • Surgeries 

Electric Vehicle Charging Bays Legislation

Electric vehicle laws are going to change as these vehicles become more widespread, and that means that line marking is going to become more important.

The government is already pushing for at least one charge point in any building in Whitesides Corner with over 20 car park spots.

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Electric Vehicles Charging Bay Colours

We can offer charging bays in the following colours:

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Red

  • Orange

  • Grey

  • Black

Plus, whatever other colours you may need for your own car park marking design.

This includes multi-coloured spaces or company branding that may use a range of colour options.

What are EV Bay Markings?

EV Bay markings are a specific type of parking bay markings that are designed for electric vehicles (EVs).

These markings typically include symbols and signs that indicate that the parking space is reserved for electric vehicles and may be coloured green to make them easily identifiable.

EV markings are often used in areas where electric vehicle charging stations are located, allowing EV drivers to park their vehicles and recharge their batteries.

You can also have EV logos depending on what kind of bay marking you would like


What do EV Bay Markings Look Like?

EV markings typically consist of a sign with the EV charging symbol, along with painted markings on the ground to indicate the specific parking area reserved for EVs.

The markings may also include information on the charging rate and time limits for parking.

Are EV Bays Available in All Areas?

EV bays may not be available in all areas, as they require specific infrastructure for charging stations.

However, their availability is increasing as more locations install EV charging stations to accommodate the growing number of electric vehicles on the road.

How do I Find EV Bays in My Area?

You can use online maps or smartphone apps that show the location of EV charging stations and bays in your area.

Some EV manufacturers also have apps that can help locate charging stations and bays.

Other Parking Bays Services We Offer

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If you want to know more about what we offer in Whitesides Corner, the easiest option is to get in touch with us directly.

We can break down anything you need to know about our specialised electric vehicle markings and help you figure out exactly what you are looking for, even if that means guiding you towards options that you did not know existed beforehand.

Having worked with a range of electrical contractors and other related businesses, we understand how to handle EV charger bay designs.

A large part of our work involves us taking charge of these projects and making sure that we can deliver exactly what the client wants, even if we have to try unique designs or bespoke colour schemes to achieve the design that the client initially planned out.

Contact us today and talk to some of our car park markings experts and specialists in Whitesides Corner.

Electric charging is still a relatively new factor to consider within business premises, and we can make sure that you get a design worth using without overloading you with information or pushing a particular style in your face.

If you are looking for other parking bays with a specific kind of design, then we are here to make it possible.

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